The Stacker Family

I have my ice cream truck for sale as i no longer have time to run it going to school all summer. It is a 1971 international, the new engine has less than 100 hours on it since being built by Smith Automotive here in Lubbock. It comes with a cold plate freezer, the loudest "icecream truck music" system in Lubbock (includes PA with microphone and ipod/ computer hookup for mixing ice cream tunes) i also have a book about how to be an icecream man. Your purchase price will include me showing you how to buy your icecream (and where) what ice cream sells well (and where to sell it * this is important*) and i even have a huge flashing orange light on top so you can drive down into the depot on the weekends and sell to the college kids at night! People ask me how much i normally made with my truck, and i will tell them that i usually went out with a goal of making $100 a day, and when i sold that much i went home. It usually took me 5 or 6 hours, sometimes i would stay out for longer (i once drove from after lunch till dark around 9 and went and filled up and went to the depot and sold from 11pm till 2am and made $639 total, it was a long day though and there was a motorcycle rally) The top speed is only 50mph but with the tiny engine i had put in this truck you wont have to worry about gas costs.

 Price $5,500 

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