The Stacker Family

I have an absolute ton of DJ, Sound and Lighting, Night Club, Professional Audio, and Concert Equipment at the warehouse

If you do not know how to install this stuff at your home or nightclub i can point you in the direction of professional installers.

I will take $5,000 for all the below items and will even throw in Karaoke equipment and a starter kit (my backup karaoke kit if you want them) If you are starting from scratch and want a turn key everything in the box setup: For an additional $1,000 i will hook you up with everything that you need for your nightclub including 2 technique turntables, 3 different sets (2 each) of DJ CD mixers (one set is cdg for karaoke) this will include light controllers, battle mixers, power conditioner, amp racks (have 1 huge 6ft x 8ft amp rack) and a floor to ceiling (rack size width) stack rack like computer servers are on. 

You can price this out and see that you will easily be getting $45,000 + in value if this stuff was brand new, it has been used but not abused and will provide you with many years of revenue with few hassles.

 I can meet you out at the warehouse monday through thursday after lunch and before 5pm, after 5 i can arrange for the night watchman to let you in. I am also available almost all weekend except during Church or mornings.

I have 4 Behringer amps, 1 x 4000 watt (sell for $300) new in box   and 3 x 3000 watt (175 each or 3 for $400 all used but very nice)  i also have 2 other amps from The Planet nightclub (now Luxor) in Lubbock, Texas.... They power the mains below. and a dedicated bass bin amp as well..(it powers the below bass bins... please leave me a message in the forrums if interested.

These speakers are pro audio quality night club speakers that were in The Planet nightclub (now Luxor) in Lubbock Texas. They were installed and maintained by Dr. Dunn formerly a professor at South Plains College who taught Sound Tech. and played in the blue grass band there.

I have 16 of these EV speakers, all in great condition these with only 1 bass bin were all it took to get noise complaints every night from the apartments 2 blocks away from The Planet (which was pretty sound proof.) If you are opening a VERY LARGE nightclub (over 10,000 sq ft) you might need more than this, however it has not been done in Lubbock because except for Grahms Central Station there has never been a nightclub here too big for these speakers. 

All 8 Speakers for $5,000  will not split up the group. Will include the amps to drive them.  (The price of buying these speakers and amps will save you $20,000 over buying retail) I have also decided to throw in the 2 Cerwin Vega Bass Bins below for free with the purchase of these 8 speakers.

 I also have 2 Cerwin Vega Bass bins, if you go to Luxor in Lubbock these are the bins that can be seen through the cage off of the sunken lighted dance floor. I could not find a picture of these but will take one the next time i am at the warehouse.

price: $1,000 for both with amp or free with the 8 speakers above for $5,000

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